Why Buy a Sport Horse?

Buying a sport horse isn’t just about the potential of the horse, it’s about giving a home and a second chance to an outstanding athlete.  Many of the horses that we sell are sitting in pens waiting to be purchased for slaughter.  In 2015, around 130,000 horses were sent to slaughter.  Many of these horses won races, competed admirably, and were retired simply to make room for new horses to compete.  Most have had excellent breeding and fine fitness but limited training.

One of Melissa Fox’s horses, Gracias, enjoying some leisure in the snow.


A 5 year old thoroughbred mare named Sunny on her first day in a field after being rescued from a kill pen.

By taking these animals – the ones with the most athletic ability and least training, assessing their skills, and giving them time with gentle and experienced riders, we can give the horses an opportunity to find a forever home and save them from slaughter.  If you’re interested in owning or leasing an amazing, smart, talented, and athletic animal who will take you to the limits of your own ability, contact us!

One week after arriving in her new home and on her first day under saddle, Sunny is ridden by a child.